Dress: Primark at ASOS (direct link)
Boots: Matalan (direct link)
Bag: eBay

I had a right nightmare taking these photos tonight, my usual photo spot had the sun beaming from behind me into the camera, then the metal shutters I sometimes stand in front of had the sun right in my face, this was the only spot with a plain (ish) background and some kind of okay light.
I'm wanting to find someone to actually take my photos for me, rather than doing them by myself with a tripod, so hopefully I'll get something arranged over the summer and my pictures will improve.

Anyway, onto the clothes. This dress was the second item I bought with my voucher from Appliances Online (this was the first) and it's the first Primark item I've ordered online. I do actually really like it, the fit is perfect, the print is really pretty and the colours are fine for all year round.
I took the mesh jumper with me today as the weather looked a little bit unpredictable, and I thought it would work as a great cover up if I got a bit cold. To be honest, I only had the jumper on for about half an hour though! It's nice to be able to mix things up a bit though, and I really like the outfit worn both ways.

Of course I had my Matalan cut out boots on my feet, if you don't know by now, I am obsessed with these, and they're in the sale for only a tenner!

I hope you've been enjoying the weather today... here's to more warm (but not too hot) days.
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