I can't believe I'm writing this post... my 1000th blog post!

Who would have thought, four years ago when I sat down and thought 'I might give that blogging lark a go' that I would be here writing my 1000th post and thanking almost 2000 subscribers. It really amazes me.

Blogging has gone from a bit of a random pastime, to a hobby, to something which opens doors for opportunities I never imagined and I love it.

Thank you all for supporting my blog, whether you read it for the first time yesterday, or if you've been reading for all four years. 

Thank you to everyone who follows my blog through GFC, Bloglovin' and Facebook. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to my YouTube channel and everyone who follows me on Twitter and Instagram. 

Thank you to everyone who emails me to say they enjoy my blog, or that I have inspired you in any way... these are the things that make blogging the best.

Here's to the next 1000!

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