Pinafore: Primark
Shirt: Primark
Tights: New Look

I was so disappointed to miss out on posting yesterday's outfit on here. I was pretty determined to blog my outfit every day of the month, although on the other hand, I'm quite surprised I made it to day 16 without missing a day before that!

I bought this outfit on Saturday and planned on wearing it with these boots from the moment I picked it up in store! Even if the sun comes back, I'm fully into Autumn mode now. I bought my first Winter coat for this year today too... it's not warm enough to last me all Winter, but it's the perfect transitional coat to get me through the next month or two.

I love the pinafore from this outfit, and couldn't believe when I found it in Primark! Next time I wear it, I'm just going to put a simple white shirt underneath for a slightly different look. I really like the shirt too, the bow tie around the neck is so cute, and if green's not for you, they also have it in a red check and I think they had it in blue too.

Fingers crossed this time next week, my hair will be much shorter... this windy weather has just confirmed to me, that I have too much hair haha!
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