Quilted T-Shirt: Primark
Dress (shown as skirt): Little Mistress (direct link)
Bag: Zara (direct link)
Tights: New Look

This is what I had planned to wear to the Middlesbrough bloggers meet up today, but due to Elodie being under the weather, I couldn't go. I'm gutted because Middlesbrough is my local town, so it was super handy, and Megan who organised the whole thing seems so lovely - I feel like I've really missed out. I hope everyone who went along had a great time anyway!

My Mam is babysitting for a couple of hours tonight so that me and the boy can go get some nice food and have a couple of hours relax time, so I've decided to go with the planned outfit.

The dress is really gorgeous, but as I'm such an old bore (I joke...) and don't go out anymore, I decided to dress is down and style it so that I can get some wear out of it. I've always wanted a heavily embellished skirt, but they're always so pricey - this is the perfect alternative. With the loose fitting quilted tee over the top, it dresses down the sequins enough to make them suitable for a more subdued occasion and I love how the clash of dressy and casual look together. 
By accessorising really simply with black boots and my black bag, it leaves the skirt as the statement piece of the outfit. 

Hope you all have a nice night, I'm off to cry into my drink because Ray has just informed me that Olly Murs has a girlfriend :( boo-hoo!
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