Jacket: Internacionale
Dress: New Look
Scarf: Primark
Tights: Primark
Boots: River Island

I love clashing prints and today I've gone all out with three prints in one outfit, I've also managed to get quite a good mixture of textures too... needless to say I love this outfit. 
It's kept me warm against the chilly breeze that's coming off the sea and it's the ideal balance between smart and casual.

I tried to get an appointment to get my hair cut tomorrow but the places I go are all fully booked when I can go. I'm about 90% gutted (because I really want my hair sorting and a good chunk needs chopping off) and 10% relieved (because I'm dreading getting it cut incase I hate it!) It will be done really soon though, hopefully next week. It's definitely time to say goodbye to the ombre (I've had it for well over two years now) and I think I'll be going over to the dark side agin.

Tomorrow I'm off to Scotland for pretty much a whole week because there's FABB Glasgow at the weekend too, so I have scheduled plenty of posts for while I'm away, and I'll reply to all comments when I'm back. 
I'll still be on Twitter & Instagram if you want to be nosy and see what I'm getting up to while I'm away... see you guys soon!  
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