Top: Chicnova (similar here & here)
Disco Pants: Glamorous (direct link)
Boots: Matalan

Okay, so today's outfit is a lot later than expected, and technically it's past midnight, so I'm a little late, but let's ignore that! 
I was at a relaunch of a store I used to work in today, which I unfortunately had to leave early, but thank goodness I did... I've only just managed to get home.
The weather up here is unbelievable, the rain hasn't stopped all day (which is why my hair is a frizzy mess in this picture!), but it's been getting worse and worse, and all the roads have flooded... I didn't actually think I was going to make it back!

Sorry about the fitting room picture of this outfit, but there was no chance of me getting one outside today... it's basically this outfit again.

I'll be blogging about the store relaunch early next week, if you're interested in reading about that.

Hope you're all safe, and that you're not too badly affected by this weather... I'm off to bed now!
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