Green nail polish is one of my favourite colours to wear all year round, and this polish from Avon is one of my favourite greens I own... it's in between turquoise and a bright green, quite hard to describe but I think from the picture you can see just how pretty it is.

The best thing about this though, is not the colour, but how easy it is to apply, and how quickly it dries. You can see from the name, that they claim its a 'speed dry' polish, and the image on the bottle indicates that it takes 30 seconds to dry. In fact, I found it to be dry within about 20 seconds, and ready for a second coat. I definitely think that two coats give the best results with this, but that isn't a problem because you're finished doing two coats in less time than it usually takes for one coat to be applied and dried with another polish.

I've found that this lasts one or two days without chipping, but with a decent top coat it can last five or six days... what more could you ask for?!
I'm definitely going to pick up some more of these in different colours, especially while they're currently on offer for half price!

Have you tried these nail polishes before?
Which colours would you recommend?
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