I know I don't write much about my family or home life on here, but today is an exception; my little girl, Elodie is four years old today... time has gone by so quickly since this photo was taken, seconds after she was born, weighing a tiny 5lb 13oz. She was and still is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and she makes me smile every single day.
This was Elodie's 1st birthday, my favourite age for babies... they're so perfect; strong enough to hold their heads up and saying a few words, but still crawling and shuffling around on the floor. I love her chubby cheeks in this picture, and her little tuft of hair! We had a birthday party for her on a petting farm with lots of friends and family, but it rained all day and kind of spoilt it - such a shame.
Elodie's 2nd birthday was such a hot day, and we spent it in Scarborough feeding the ducks, having ice cream on the beach and riding the open top bus. Definitely my favourite of her birthday's so far... it was just lovely. By this age she was such a cheeky little monkey, but gorgeous enough to get away with any mischief! 
Exactly a year ago, Elodie's 3rd birthday. Her Daddy had to go to uni, so we didn't really do anything to celebrate, other than having a tea party at home with a big Curious George cake. This was the first year where she had been really excited to open her presents, so we just had a fun day playing with her new toys... I can't believe this was a year ago.
And this is how she is now (this photo was taken yesterday) my grown up little four year old. I still think of her as tiny, but when I look at how much she has changed over the four years it makes me really emotional and proud. She's such a bubbly, confident little girl - nothing like I was, I was really quiet and shy, but Elodie is everyone's friend. She can spell her own name, count to 20, she knows the words to most Olly Murs songs and she can work the laptop and iPhone better than I can! 
For this birthday she got a new bike, which she has been asking for, for so long, a My Little Pony cake, some new clothes and lots of games, books and toys.

I might share a few photos of her birthday in the next few days... let me know if you would like to see more of Elodie on here.
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