I've promised myself that I'm going to be more organised this year when it comes to my Christmas shopping. I'm one of those people who is always running around like a mad woman on Christmas Eve, and up wrapping presents at 3am... this year, that's not going to happen!

Department stores are always the best places to start I think, because you can usually get a few people's presents sorted in one go. The examples I have given above are all quite generic presents for friends and family members, but I know that I would be really happy to give or receive these kind of gifts.

I am such a shopaholic though, when I'm supposed to be present buying, I always end up shopping for myself too. Lately my biggest obsession is home wear, and while eyeing up what presents to buy for certain family members, I ended up browsing the beautiful cushions, rugs and even the home electricals! I've got to that (slightly depressing) age where a mint green food mixer and a space age style washing machine get me quite excited!

I am planning on either writing or filming some more detailed Chritmas gift guides again this year... they will be up in November, so don't forget to check back for those.
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