Colour Survey  - An infographic on our attitudes towards colour by Kaleidoscope fashion catalogue

I love reading facts and figures about fashion, and this one definitely relates to me. Kaleidoscope carried out a survey to find out what women really think about the colours in their wardrobe.
I would say that easily half of my wardrobe is made up of black and grey items. I do still like bright clothes, but personally I just find black and greys easier to style. I wouldn't agree that these colours make me feel more confident, but I do feel slimmer in black or grey, and I love being able to carry a bright bag or wear some neon jewellery to give a pop of colour, rather than actually wearing that colour. Of course this is a general comment, because I do still wear coloured clothing... this has been one of my favourite outfits I've worn in a long time, and it's definitely not muted shades!

I love the fact that 78% of people asked, said that they preferred bright colours on others... I think I usually agree with this. I think I'm that used to seeing so many people in muted outfits, a bright outfit really does stand out from the crowd, and gives the person wearing it their own uniqueness. 

What are your views on these facts? Are you a black and grey girl like me or do you enjoy the brighter pieces in your wardrobe?

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