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I'm such a shoe girl, especially when it comes to winter boots and Clarks have such an amazing selection of boots at the moment.
I definitely think boots for this time of year need to be good quality, and that little bit sturdier because where I live, they have to put up with a lot of bad weather and a lot of walking. Clarks boots definitely tick all of the boxes for me.

The boots above are my favourite picks from the collection, all of which I would love to wear and style.  Numbers 1 and 6 definitely look the most versatile and durable, but as well as being useful and practical boots, they're also both really stylish. I think boots like these look amazing with jeans tucked into them or with tights and pretty dresses as a bit of a clash or a contrast of looks.

Pair 2 are probably the most 'my style', I really like the colour, which is a lovely change from black (although they are available in black if that's more your thing), and I think the studs and little buckles are really cute.

I haven't worn cowboy boots for a good few years now (they used to be all the rage back in the day!), but I do really like pairs 3 and 4. The green/blue colour is so unique, and a really nice Autumnal shade for those who like to be that little bit different, and the pair with the aztec pattern are just gorgeous - I'd definitely wear these!

Last up, pair number 5 are probably the most formal pair, and definitely a great day to night boot. If you're an office worker who likes to stop at the pub for a drink or go for a meal with your friends on the way home, these are the boots for you. They'd also go really well with a trouser suit or a dress.

What kind of boots are you eyeing up for the Winter?
[Written in association with Clarks]
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