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I think I've spoken on here before about how I like to torture myself by browsing designer brands online and dreaming that I can afford to buy everything in my basket?.. It's become quite a regular pastime of mine. 
With my birthday and Christmas coming up, close family have started asking what I would like, and asking for money to put together to buy something from local designer store Jules B is top of my list.

I am always drawn to Marc by Marc Jacobs Clothing, I think the designs are incredibly chic and expensive looking, yet still really wearable. The first two tops above are from the range, and they're just the perfect investment pieces... definitely the type of items you can get your money's worth out of.
I'm a little bit drawn to the floral shirt, which I would love to wear under a jumper with the collar peeping out, and the sequin deer jumper is just the cutest thing ever (albeit not very practical).

When it comes to accessories, my priority is to own a really nice watch, although I find the generic rose gold one a little bit common, I much prefer the one above with the blue face, and an MK bag wouldn't be too shabby either!

Finally I have my eye on the above Timberland boots which are so stunning, the ideal size heel and pretty timeless and the necklace which would look amazing under a little collar.

What would you treat yourself to? (or ask someone else to treat you to?!)
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