Having a blog sale is a great way to have a clear out of clothes, makeup or anything else you haven't used for a while, it's quick and simple and best of all it's free.

One of the things I love most about blogging is being able to connect with others who have similar interests and similar taste when it comes to clothes and makeup, so with a blog sale, you're usually guaranteed a sale, especially if you're selling something that you've featured on your blog before.

My top tips for a blog sale:

Be honest - Describe your items properly... if you've worn it twice, say so. If you'v worn it so much that it's wearing thin, say so. People will respect your honesty.

Be fair - Don't charge too much for items... if you've been sent something for free and now you're selling it (although this is frowned upon so some choose not to), don't try and make lots of money from it. Same goes for well worn clothes, just because it says Topshop in the tag, doesn't mean it's still worth what you paid for it. Also, if you sell things for a reasonable price, people will shop with you again.

Be ruthless - This is when it comes to deciding what to sell. If you have something that you haven't worn for a year or longer, get rid of it. Some people live by the 6 month rule, but I think a year is more reasonable... why have something gathering dust in your wardrobe when it could be with someone who's going to get regular use from it. This tip applies the most if you're in need of some extra cash.

Set up a blog shop - Some people don't like or aren't interested in blog sales, so don't clog up everyone's feed with blog sale posts. Set up a separate blog shop and Tweet about it or give it a little mention in a blog post so that the people who are interested can have a look, and those who aren't interested don't need to see it.

Take good photos - Clear photos can make a massive difference to wether someone will buy your item or not. Show any little marks or faults, show the tag, show front and back... everything helps. Good natural lighting is a big help here too, using a flash might change the colour and someone might get something they don't want.

Post as soon as possible - Don't leave people waiting for ages for their parcel, post as soon as you can to keep them happy.
Also, shop around a bit when it comes to posting bigger items. I have used a website called Delivery Quote Compare to work out the best and cheapest way to send my parcels and it's such a simple website to use. It comes in especially handy if you have quite a few parcels to send, as they can all be collected from your home in one go (no more queuing at the post office!) and you can save up to 60% on postage costs - what more could you want?!

If you prefer selling on eBay, a lot of these tips can be taken into account too.
After writing this post I think I might update my blog shop, I haven't sold anything on there for ages... I'm off to clear out my wardrobe!
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