[sorry for the photo heavy post]

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the re-launch of the Outfit store at Teesside Park in Stockton, which, funnily enough, is where I used to work before I started blogging. The store has recently undergone huge changes with a second floor and some new brands.

Knowing the store really well, I was very excited to see what had changed, and I was pleasantly surprised with just how different and how amazing the store now looks. When I worked there, the store was a large, high ceilinged warehouse style building, with all of the brands around the outside and Dorothy Perkins in the middle, now there are two floors, low white ceilings with bright lights and lots of walls creating separate departments which are more like 'mini shops for each brand - it looks so good!

You walk straight in to a massive Topshop department, which seems to take up the majority of the downstairs space.
Alongside Topshop (which also has a new shoe department) is probably my favourite brand in the store; Miss Selfridge. 
There's also a huge Dorothy Perkins, which is now situated upstairs, Warehouse, Wallis and Oasis and Apricot (which are both new additions to the store). There's also a decent sized Topman, Burton and Jack & Jones section for the boys... definitely something for everyone.

Capital FM and Amelia Lily attended the relaunch of the store, and the atmosphere was amazing. I bought a few bits while I was there, whichI can't wait to show you, but I will save that for another day. I did try a few bits on while I was there, and the photographer managed to snap me in this gorgeous blouse and skirt...
Blouse: Topshop @ Outfit 
Skirt: Miss Selfridge @ Outfit

If you're from the Teesside area, I really recommend you go and check out the new store - I can't stay away!
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