I have been an iPhone user for around 4 years now, and the thought of trying a different phone scares me quite a bit (I know how to use an iPhone so well its like second nature to me), however, I was recently given the chance to use a Samsung Galaxy S4 for a couple of weeks, and I kind of ended up falling in love with it.

First impressions of the phone was how big it it, it's much bigger than my iPhone 5, as you can see in the picture above, a few years ago this would have been considered a bad thing, but these days bigger is better. Not only is the actual handset bigger than the iPhone, but the screen is much bigger too. After the first day of using this phone, my hand ached a little bit from having to stretch my fingers wider and further than I was used to with my iPhone, but after a couple of days and more use, this was something which soon became easy and normal.

I really love the look of the phone. I was using the 'white frost' version, which is really pretty, and definitely the most girly (I'm quite a fan of white phones). If you prefer other colours, this handset is also available in blue and black.
The phone is really lightweight too, which I was surprised by, considering the size of it.

I rarely use my phone to call people and texting is becoming an occasional thing too... Any phone can make a call and send a text message, so I'm more interested in apps and the internet when it comes to a mobile. 
I downloaded my most used apps to the Galaxy; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and I found myself enjoying the apps much more than I do on my iPhone, mainly due to the quality of the images on the screen; everything seems brighter and clearer on the Samsung. YouTube is truly amazing on this phone, I even found myself preferring to watch the videos on the phone instead of my laptop because the videos are just so clear and amazing quality. Twitter and Facebook don't differ too much, but I prefer Instagram too, only due to the fact that the photos are bigger, but it is definitely a positive thing.

I synched my Dropbox account to the phone, which meant that all of the photos I took on the phone were sent to my laptop - such a brilliant feature! If you follow me on Twitter, you may remember about a year ago, my iPhone 4 was stolen and I lost over 1,000 photos, which I was devastated about. Having this feature on the phone means nothing can really ever be lost (something I wish every phone had!)

Typing on the Samsung was quite difficult at first, but only due to the fact that I have been typing on an iPhone for so long, it took a while to adjust to the slightly more spread out keyboard layout, it has a really easy to use spell checker/predictive text feature too, which makes things much quicker and easier.

I had heard a lot about the camera on the Samsung Galaxy phones before trying this one, so I was very excited to compare the photos taken on this to those taken on my iPhone. Below are two photos I took with the phones to compare; the first was taken on my iPhone 5 and the second on the Galaxy S4.
You can click the pictures to enlarge them and see them full size, but I think it's obvious to anyone that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has the better camera by a long way. I'm not too clued up on pixels or anything like that, but the photos do speak for themselves.

Possibly the best (but definitely the handiest thing) about this phone, is that the battery life lasts for such a long time! If you're anything like me, and you're constantly on your phone, whether it's texting, using Twitter or browsing the internet, battery life is really important. Nothing is more annoying that having a fully charged phone on a morning, for it to be running out by dinner time - this isn't an issue with this phone.

All in all, I am very impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and when it comes to the time that I need to upgrade my phone, I am pretty certain I will be leaving Team iPhone and getting myself one of these bad boys, and trust me, I really didn't expect to ever be saying that!

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S4?
What do you love most about it?
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