I've just been sorting through some photographs on my laptop, when I came across these from the FABB Event which I organised in Manchester. I can't believe I'm only just getting round to sharing these with you all! I did write a blog post about the day, which you can read here, and I also uploaded a vlog on my YouTube channel, which you can see here.
The photos above feature some of the brands who attended the event; Tinned Bananas (who's new A/W collection is AMAZING), South Beach Swimwear, Vita Liberata, Lavish Alice, Health Point Ltd & Eldora

If you're still unsure as to what FABB Events is all about; basically we arrange events all around the UK for (predominantly) fashion and beauty bloggers, any bloggers are welcome to attend though... it doesn't matter how many followers you have. So far we have hosted events in Leeds, Newcastle and Manchester. Next on the list is Glasgow, then we will be coming to Liverpool, Essex, Brighton, Bristol, Sheffield and wherever else there is demand... if you want a FABB event to be held near you, please let us know! 

We invite a mixture of fashion and beauty brands to attend the events, and they all set up stalls to display their latest products or newest collections. The bloggers can then visit all of the brands, chat to them, speak about their blogs, take lots of photographs and consume plenty of cupcakes and cocktails!
We often hold prize giveaways and we send everybody home with a few treats too.
The best thing about the events is that you get to meet other bloggers... I have been messaged so many times by bloggers who are a little bit nervous to attend because they don't know anyone who's attending, but I can guarantee, pretty much everyone feels the same, and everyone ends up having a great time, so if we ever hold an event that you would like to attend - please do, I for one would love to meet you!

I have just been finalising some details for the upcoming FABB Event in Glasgow, which is taking place next month. There are still some tickets left, so if you would like to attend, please leave a comment below with your email address and I will send you an invitation. You don't have to be from Glasgow either, anyone is welcome.
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