While everyone complains about the cold and the fact that it's started to get dark earlier, I secretly love it. There's nothing I love more than knowing its freezing outside, but being wrapped up warm inside, snuggled up in my favourite dressing gown or pyjamas with a cup of tea and some chocolate to munch on.
There's an idealistic image of this kind of night in; log fire burning, toasting marshmallows and eating smores... but my nights in aren't quite that glamorous. I tend to lie on the sofa with the duvet, constantly refresh my Twitter feed and watching some reality TV or box sets. Give me this over a night out any day! (Gosh I sound old).

I have a kind of pamper night planned for tonight, I'm going to turn the heating up full blast, spend all night in my dressing gown and slippers, light some of my favourite candles, pop my Balance Me Face Mask on and paint my nails while eating lots and watching Celebrity Big Brother - the perfect night in!

Big Brother is such a guilty pleasure of mine. Have you been watching? I love it... I really want Mario or Abs to win. A few years ago I was a little bit obsessed with the idea of applying for Big Brother, but I never had the guts to go for it... maybe that was a good thing, because when I took part in the Very Big Brother Quiz, they told me I was most like ex-celebrity housemate Basshunter?! 

What do you like to do on a cold Winter's night in?
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