It's been a whole week since Elodie's birthday. No wonder the years go by so quickly, it only feels like she was blowing out her candles yesterday!
The blog post I wrote about her birthday went down really well, and I got lots of comments and Tweets asking for more posts about her on my blog, so I decided to share some photos from the big day with you all.
Sorry that a lot of the pictures are blurry... it was difficult to get her to stand still, she was just so excited!
Elodie spent the morning opening presents from my Mam & Dad and then we 'baked' some rice crispy cakes for her to take into nursery for her friends.

After nursery we gave her, her My Little Pony Birthday cake and she opened her presents from me and her Daddy. Her favourite present was definitely her new bike, which she had been asking for.
It was amazing seeing her face when I wheeled it into the room.
To end a busy day we went out with the bike, which she flew around on for about 40 minutes before we went home to eat cake and sleep after a long busy day.

I'm so proud of my little four year old, she's such a happy little girl, and she had a wonderful birthday.
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