A recent event in the UK showcased some of the best Fashion Houses under the sun. Women were dressed in Alexander McQueen, Prada, Chanel, Stella McCartney, and Derek Lam to name a few.  
However, these women were not walking down a catwalk; they were walking across a racetrack to lay bets. We are, of course, talking about Ladies Day at Ascot, which is one of the biggest fashion spectacles in Britain. 

Here, we look at the garments that make the perfect Ladies Day outfit: 

For many, the hat is the defining feature of Ladies Day couture. We see women wear beautiful dresses all the time but seeing them wear huge hats is somewhat of rarity. Some of these hats are sublime but some are farcical.  
A good hat can complement your outfit as well as showcasing your facial features; however, a ridiculous hat does give you a better chance of having your picture taken by a tabloid photographer.  
The choice between classy and ridiculous is one you must consider before ultimately selecting your hat. Also, when the horse you laid with Betfair comes in you can jubilantly throw your hat in the air.

At Ascot, we see so many fashion faux paux, especially when it came to dresses. The races are a colourful event; you want to choose a dress that is bright so it attracts attention. However, there is a thin line between bright and garish; do avoid neutral colours though as you do not want to blend in!  
How much a dress reveals is very important; you want to show plenty of leg and display your ample cleavage; showing enough will garner you favourable attention but too much will make you look trashy. Getting the colour and the cut of the dress right is essential. 

You cannot finish this outfit without high heels but take caution. You will be spending all day on your feet whilst drinking copious amounts of alcohol so six inch stilettos could be deadly. A mid-length heel around three inches will boost your height but will not make you look like Bambi on ice.

[image source / guest post]
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