I love a bit of sparkle as much as the next person, especially when it comes to my nails, and to be honest, I own a few too many glitter polishes. 
I used to layer them up and wear them as solid glitter on my nails (which works perfectly fine with the majority of glitter polishes), but I have now grown to love wearing just one or two coats of glitter polish on top of other nail polishes... this gives a bit more of a subtle effect and it is much easier to remove!
L'oreal 'Confetti': This is the latest addition to my glitter nail polish collection, and definitely one of my favourites at the moment. I have found myself reaching for this on a very regular basis. The particles in the polish are matte, which makes it different from all of the other glitter polishes I own, as they're all shiny. I love that the particles are small, and the black and white colour scheme means it goes well with any polish, or any outfit. I always wear this layered on top of other polishes, as it's not really build able enough to wear on its own, and I have found that it looks amazing just one one nail as a statement, or on all of my nails. You can see how I wear it here.

Models Own 'Ibiza Mix': This polish is very similar to OPI Rainbow Connection, which was a limited edition polish that everyone wanted... it's jam packed full of big glitter particles, and it's really easy to build up into a completely glittery nail.

Technic 'Carnival': Another polish which has been called a dupe of Rainbow Connection, and this is a complete bargain. I got mine in a shop called Bodycare for only £1, and you can usually find them on eBay, for such a low price point, this is a really great quality brand. It is very similar to the Models Own Ibiza Mix, but I think this is slightly more Christmassy... the colours are a bit brighter, but other than that it's the same.
Butter London 'Shambolic': This is a much finer glitter polish which has a few larger glitter particles inside. I love purple, so I'm a big fan of this one, and it looks amazing layered thinly on top of a white or pale lilac polish. Although this is quite an expensive product, I think it's worth paying for because it's so unique - you can't get anything like this in the drugstore.

Pop Beauty (no name): This is another Christmassy glitter polish, made up of red, gold and silver glitter particles, although I don't wear it all year round, it is one I bring out every Winter. I'm a big fan of Pop Beauty polishes... I definitely want to try more.

Models Own 'Juicy Jules': This is my long term favourite glitter... I like to wear this on my ring finger with pastel coloured polish on my other nails. It's really sparkly and iridescent, made up of mostly silver glitter particles. I wear it all year round, but I love it most in Winter, as it reminds me of snow and icicles. 
Barry M 'Pink Iridescent': Although this looks like a pale pink polish in the bottle, it's almost completely clear when applied. The glitter particles are a very subtle pink shade, which I think looks best layered over a brighter pink polish. It adds a pretty bit of sparkle to any pink manicure, and as with all Barry M polishes, it's great quality for a really affordable price.

Maybelline 'Flash Cosmic': This is a stunning polish, which unfortunately hasn't photographed very well on the nail swatch, but when you look at the bottle in the picture, you can see how pretty the particles of glitter are. It's another very subtle polish, which works well with almost any colour underneath it.

Butter London 'Frilly Knickers': This polish is made up of super tiny glitter particles which are predominately silver and white, with a slight iridescent look to them. This looks lovely layered up on it's own for a very simple glitter nail, and a thin coat on top of another colour gives a very pretty, sparkly finish... I love the name of this one too!

What are your favourite glitter nail polishes?
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