I think I've drummed into you all just how much I love Autumn fashion, but what I have failed to mention is, how much I love Autumn makeup. I'm going to share all of my favourite Autumn products  with you, and first up are nail polishes.

I tried really hard to whittle this down to a top ten, but it was too hard, so I've got a top 11.
(from l-r) Accessorize 'Aztec': This is by far one of the prettiest polishes I own. It's a very shimmery polish which looks different from different angles and in different lights. The colours remind me very much of a pool of petrol on the ground when the sun shines on it; with shades of green, blue, purple, orange and bronze, it's just stunning. 

Models Own 'Peacock Green': Models Own are my favourite nail polish brand, the colours are endless and all beautiful. This would definitely be in my top five shades of theirs; it's the exact colour of peacock feathers and mermaids tails! It's a really glossy polish too, which I usually find only requires one coat. 

Myface Cosmetics ' Crystalline Green': This polish has a foil/metallic finish to it, which is unlike any other polish I own. It is quite difficult to apply... taking your time over application of this one is a must, and buffing your nail to create a super smooth surface helps too. Once it's on though, it's perfect.
Orly 'Decoded': A blue toned, dark grey. This is really classy, and always looks smart on the nails. I don't really like to wear black polish, as I find it to look quite gothic, but this is the perfect alternative. Orly polishes are fantastic quality too, they last ages without chipping and apply like a dream.

Look Beauty 'Dove': This is a much lighter, cooler toned grey option, which I love just as much. This looks lovely as it is, or with a matte topcoat.

Models Own ' Naked Shimmer': My favourite nude polish, it's quite a pinky brown, so it's really pretty and very smart and chic. As suggested in the name, it has a very fine shimmer running through it, which makes it stand out from the other nudes I own.
Illamasqua 'Shrapnel': I love Illamasqua polishes, and this is one of my most worn shades. It reminds me of brand new copper pennies, with a hint of that perfect Autumn leaves red/orange thrown in for extra prettiness. It's a really flattering shade on the nails and works really well with my skin tone.

Butter London 'Bumster': How can mustard coloured nails be so right?! I don't know, but with this polish, they really are, this is such a unique colour - I love it.
No7 'Milan': I'm not going to lie, I don't just wear this in Autumn, it's a very versatile colour which I wear all year round, but that's why I like it so much. It definitely stands out from all of these polishes as the 'different' one, but it really works for the colder months and I always get compliments on this. It definitely looks like a more expensive brand when it's on the nails.

Miners 'Weekend In Paris': I definitely think a red polish is a necessity for Autumn. A classic red always looks amazing with darker clothes, as it adds the perfect pop of colour to the look. This is an orange toned red which is much more Autumnal than a blue toned red. Miner's are one of my favourite budget beauty brands, and their nail polishes are all fantastic.

Nails Inc 'Leicester Square': Purple polishes are my favourite, so I had to include one here. A deep, dark shade is just what you need for this time of year and Leicester Square is exactly that. It's a really pearly and glossy shade and as with all Nails Inc polishes it's really smooth to apply and lasts ages on the nails.

What are your favourite nail polishes for Autumn?
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