These brushes are my most used makeup brushes ever... they're one of those things that I have no idea how I managed without them. My initial thoughts with all of the Real Techniques brushes were how much I like the branding - I think they look much more expensive than they actually are, and I like that other brushes come with different coloured handles, so they're really easy to identify, and secondly I was super impressed with how soft they all are. The bristles are made from a taklon, which is 100% synthetic, making the brushes cruelty free and even better, they're really, really soft. 
Buffing Brush: This is my most used brush from the Core Collection, I love using it to apply my foundation whether it's liquid or pressed powder, I find that this works with pretty much any product and gives a really flawless finish.
Contour Brush: This is a bit of a multi use product for me; yes I use it for contouring and highlighting, but I also use it for applying blusher, for applying bronzer to my eyelids if I'm wearing really minimal makeup and for blending concealer under my eyes.
Foundation Brush: I don't use this on a daily basis for foundation, I only use it if I want a really light coverage (if I'm just wearing a BB cream or tinted moisturiser) or if I want especially high coverage, as I feel like I can really pack it on with this brush... it does work perfectly well for applying foundation normally too but personally I just prefer the Buffing Brush, I guess it's just down to personal preference. This is another brush that I like to use for concealer, but I try not to use it under my eyes, as the bristles are quite dense.
Detailer Brush: I generally use this one just for applying lipsticks, as you can create a really definite and perfect edge with the brush, that I just can't seem to get as easily when applying direct from the bullet. I do know others who use this one for concealer too.

All in all, I love this collection, and I would 100% recommend this to anyone who is looking for some new brushes, or for anyone who is starting out with makeup - they're the ideal starter kit. They also come with a little travel case that doubles up as a stand - I was so impressed when I found out it stood up too, you can see a photo on my Instagram here.

Which are your favourite Real Techniques brushes?
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