I hate to admit, but I'm one of those people who wears a full face of makeup every day, so when it comes to bedtime, I like to feel that my skin is thoroughly cleansed and every scrap of makeup has gone.
With it coming up to Winter time I decided to give a cleansing balm a try... I've heard so many good things, and thought that a balm would be much more moisturising for my dry skin at this time of year.

Firstly, I must mention why I love REN Skincare so much, not only does it seem to work wonders for my sensitive skin, it is full of natural ingredients and is animal friendly.
This product is fragranced 100% naturally, and has a beautiful rose scent, which I find really relaxing for my night time skincare routine.

I use this as recommended on the packaging, I take a very small amount of product and warm it up in the palms of my hands, I then apply it to dry skin and massage it in using my finger tips... I have never used this technique before, but I feel that it really works well to break down my makeup. The balm is very thick, and a little goes a really long way. When applied to the skin it turns into quite an oily consistency. After a minute or two, I rinse my face with warm water, which turns the balm into a more milky consistency and then I remove all the remaining product with the muslin cloth that comes with the cleanser. 
I try not to use this on my eyes, only because mine are really sensitive, so I like to stick to the same products on my eyes - it can be used on the eye areas however, and I have heard that it's really good at taking all kinds of eye makeup off too. 

It feels so good to say that I've finally found a cleanser that I really love... I'm wondering if it will be a little too heavy in the warmer months, but for now, this is perfect for me and it does exactly what it claims; it leaves my skin cleansed, softened and soothed.
Although the price tag is a little higher than I would usually pay, I think skincare is worth splashing out on a little, and this will definitely be something I will repurchase.
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