No matter if you have curly, straight, fine or thick hair getting the perfect blow dry is very important. Every woman knows that when they go into the salon they are going to come out looking their best, thanks to that perfect blow dry. However, it seems like it is next to impossible to get the job done right at home. It always seems that your hair never looks as good when you do it at home, but does that always have to be the case?  
Luckily, you can achieve the perfect blow dry at home; you just have to follow a few simple steps. When starting out you don’t want to just start with wet hair, you want to make sure that it has also just been washed and conditioned, as well as towel dried in order to squeeze the excess water out. 

Step One: Get your styling tools
In order to achieve the perfect blow dry you are going to need to have the best blow dryer, as well as a nozzle, hair clips, and a round brush. The perfect blow dryer is going to be one that has different heat settings, more than just hot and cold, as well as different air settings. You will also need to make sure it is at least 1800 watts. For those that are looking for quality styling tools has some great ones to choose from. 

Step two: Apply your styling products
Now that your hair has been towel dried you are going to want to apply any products you plan to use before you actually begin blow drying it. This is the perfect time to apply a heat styling product, as well as styling products like mousse, cream, or hair spray. Most professional stylists recommend that you avoid using gel, as it doesn’t really do anything to aid in styling your hair Mousse will help add volume to your hair, cream can helps soften damaged hair, and hair spray helps keep your style in place, so please choose the products accordingly. 

Step three: Start drying your hair
Using the nozzle attachment, medium heat and the highest air setting on your blow dryer you are going to begin blow drying your hair, but only until it’s about 80% dry. 

Step four: Section your hair
Once it’s about 80% dry you will want to separate the hair on your crown from the rest of your hair with a clip. 

Step five: Continue blow drying
Using a brush continue blow drying the bottom layers of your hair with a higher heat setting. Once the bottom layers are dry, place it in a clip, and begin drying the top layers of hair.TIP: Point the nozzle downwards to create smooth shiny hair! To create volume, aim the nozzle at the roots of your hair. 
Once your hair is dry, remove the clips and style as desired! 

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