Dream Curls Enhancing Oil

This is the third and final part of my John Frieda review series.
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On the days where I don't want silky locks, and haven't used the conditioner... this is a product which I am often reaching for. I would recommend this to anyone with thick wavy hair, especially those who want to tone the waves down into more defined curls, or those who want to make their hair a little more manageable when it comes to styling.

The oil separates, so after a quick shake, it turns into a lilac coloured liquid, I have been using around fifteen drops of product (which is really easy to control thanks to the lid... no spills with this one!) and applying it to towel dried hair from mid length down. I then blow dry my hair and style with either my Cloud 9 styling irons or my Enrapture Totem Styler, both of which can give amazing curls and waves. 

Without this oil, I find my curls can look kind of messy and less defined... with this, I can see a real improvement. I have also used this without using my styling tools, and seen an improvement in the appearance of my hair. It leaves my hair smelling lovely too - which is always a bonus!

If you like a nice curly do, I'd definitely give this one a go.
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