I love a good conditioning treatment, and this one is up there with the nicest that I have tried. 

For a start off, this is the 'Deep Conditioner', John Freida do sell a regular conditioner for this range too, but this one goes the extra mile. I leave this on my hair for a good five minutes in the shower, and it acts like a conditioning mask... my hair is always so, so silky after using this product.

They say that you are left with 90% smoother hair in just one use, and I actually think that I agree with this... it's a big statement to make, but when I've used the conditioner properly, and actually left it on my hair for the full five minutes and followed up with a good blow dry, my hair really does feel at it's smoothest and silkiest.

It also leaves my dry ends feeling not so dry and brittle, and along with the claim that it 'reverses damage with every use'... the appearance of my nasty bleached ends does seem to be improving. 
Whether the damage can actually be reversed may be questionable, but this definitely helps to disguise any damage, that's for sure.
I'll be reviewing a few more of my favourite John Frieda products over the next week, so check back to see what I have to say about these.
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