Touch Up Flyaway Tamer

This is the second part of my John Frieda mini review series.
I've used JF products for years now, and I've come to really love a few of them. You can find my review of the Deep Conditioner here. 

The Touch Up Flyaway Tamer is a new product for me, but it's what I would consider a handbag lifesaver, especially for people with wavy/curly hair like me and I wouldn't be without it.

It's basically a hair gel in mascara form, which may not sound amazing, but trust me - it is. I carry this around with me for days when I get caught in the wind or rain.
If you have hair that's anything like mine, you will understand how unruly and unpredictable it can be...frizz can be a big issue, especially this time of year.

The gel contains Inca Inchi Oil which is an oil taken from the seeds of a plant which grows in the rainforest, it's completely natural and conditions the hair, so not only are you keeping your hair in place with this, you're doing it some good too.

At first I was a little wary of applying this, as I didn't want my hair to look greasy or weighed down, but I use use a little at a time, as I can always add more if needed and I'm yet to have any problems with it. I do tend to use this more when my hair is tied up, just to control any annoying hairs or when I've straightened my hair if any fly aways start to appear. 

The big brush on the end of the wand makes it really easy to apply, and there is no mess whatsoever. It's perfect for carrying around for little touch ups here and there, and I've even used this on my brows when they've got a little messy... I love a multi use product.
John Frieda are definitely onto a winner here, such a great idea! 

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