Shirt: New Look
Boots: Independent shop in Middlesbrough

Gosh, today was really, really cold. I had a bit of a mission photographing this outfit as my hair was blowing allover the place, thank goodness I had a hat on! I actually think I'm going to be wearing beanies a lot for the rest of this year, I think they look great with a casual or dressed up outfit and they add a little something to every look, plus of course, they keep you warm!

It's also not like me to be wearing jeans, but a mixture of the cold weather and the fact that they're an amazing colour made me wear these today. Don't get me wrong, I love jeans, but I really do struggle to find the perfect pair. I gave the outfit a bit of a girly spin by wearing my JC Lita style heels, which I haven't worn for ages! I thought I better take advantage of actually being able to wear these before the snow and ice comes... I hate to admit it, but it's definitely on its way.

I'm so glad to be back inside now, I've brought out my onesies again, and I've got the heating turned up full blast. Tonight will consist of watching XFactor and eating rubbish food, all in preparation for the week ahead. I can't actually believe it's Monday again tomorrow, why does the weekend go so quickly?!

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