I love a good hair mask, especially at this time of year when the ends of my hair get even drier and weaker, so when I spotted the Leo Bancroft range in Tesco in Glasgow, I just had to pick this up and give it a go.

This is an intense mask treatment which claims to 'bring damaged hair back from the brink'... this tag line had me sold, as bleaching the ends of my hair has ruined it and until I find someone I trust enough to cut my hair, I'm stuck with it! If a mask like this can help revive it, then that's good enough for me.

When I used this, I washed my hair as normal (using my new Leo Brunette shampoo - review coming soon) then very lightly towel dried my hair just to get the excess water off. With still very damp hair, I applied the mask firstly to the ends of my hair, then worked it up to the mid lengths up to the bottom of my ears. For a small packet, there is plenty of product... trust me, if there's enough for my hair, then there's enough for most people!

I then took notice of Leo's tip, and piled my hair up on top of my head in a shower cap and blasted it all with my hairdryer... I think the heat from the hairdryer makes the mask work better, much like when you sit under the heat lamps at a salon with colour on your hair. I then sat for another ten minutes with a magazine before I rinsed my hair.

My hair was left feeling really soft and silky, and it seemed so much easier to style. There were no fly away ends and the damage caused by me bleaching and ombreing my hair was hardly even noticeable - which is a massive bonus for me, as I'm always really paranoid about my hair looking obviously damaged! I really need to pluck up the courage to get my hair cut... Leo if you're reading?! ;)

I'm definitely going to repurchase this, in the full size bottle which is on offer for only £2 at the moment - what a bargain! If you want to give it a little test run, the sachet is only 50p in Tesco at the moment too, so really, there's no excuse not to try it!

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