Celebrate Body Lotion

I love Lush products at the best of times, but even more so at Christmas. This year, I'm loving the shower gels... Snow Fairy as usual and the new Rose Jam scented one, but the star product for me is this Celebrate Body Lotion.

If you've used the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb in the past then you will recognise this scent -  it's exactly the same... hopefully you all know what I'm talking about, as it's quite a hard scent to describe. I'd say the main thing you can smell is citrus fruits, which is because of the orange and lime ingredients in the product, but it's also quite creamy due to the cocoa butter and it has a bit of a kick, which kind of reminds me on Bucks Fizz (probably because of the cognac oil) - Ideal for Christmas time!

I've been using this after my shower each day for the majority of October, and (although a little early to get into the festive spirit) I'm loving it. As with all Lush products, the scent is the first thing which I had to mention, but the product itself is also really lovely. It's super moisturising and I find that it sinks into my skin really quickly (no waiting around half naked with this one).
I suffer from eczema and I can get very dry, patchy skin... this hasn't flared me up at all, and if anything, I would say it has helped to soothe my skin... the essential oils in this really do leave me feeling silky smooth, which is a rarity when my skin is prone to sensitivity.
The scent lingers for ages after applying, and a little product goes quite a long way.

This is the first of the limited edition Christmas products from Lush that I will be stocking up on before they sell out! I definitely recommend you give it a try (or at least a sniff!)
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