I've always wanted to attend a fashion week. Every year I say that I will go to London Fashion Week, but I always end up too busy to travel down... I am determined to go next year though! 
I would love to attend fashion week's allover the world; New York would be amazing.

I found this inforgraphic from New Look, where they have compared this year's fashion weeks in London, New York, Paris and Milan and it's so interesting. You can see which shows had the biggest celebrities in attendance, which has the most people Tweeting about it and even how much money was spent at each show by the visitors.
Some of the results are pretty obvious... I expected New York Fashion Week to be the most talked about, have the most shows and have the most money spent there. However, who would have thought that Harry Styles attendance at LFW would have more people talking than any other celebrity at any of the other fashion shows around the world?! There was also more media present at London, than any of 
the other shows.

Have you ever been to fashion week?

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