It can be tough to buy for girls, especially if you are a clueless bloke who’s unsure on the finer points of women’s shopping. There seems to be so much choice and it can be tough for a guy who is far from their shopping comfort zone. Girlfriend, sister, friend – whoever it is, these gift ideas and tips will help you delight your female loved one this festive season. 

It may seem like a silly stereotype, but many women will agree that they can never feel like they have too many clothes to choose from. A man may panic about the selection and getting the wrong size can land you in serious trouble whether you go too far up or too far down, but many women’s clothing shops give gift receipts to get you out of a potential fix. Women’s clothing from George at ASDA gives great choice, style and value so you can be sure to get something they’ll love. 

Most girls won’t buy themselves this throughout the year as it can be a bit expensive, but a good sized bottle of your loved one’s favourite perfume will certainly get you into the good books for that exact reason. It lasts longer than you might expect and is a great gift, even if they only pull it out on special occasions – just the thought of having a decent supply of their favoured fragrance tucked away somewhere will put a grin on most girls faces! 

Contrary to popular belief, jewellery doesn’t automatically mean jaw-dropping price tags and supremely rare precious stones set in overly luxurious metals. Most girls will find jewellery like this overbearing for every day wear and would much prefer some simple, effective costume jewellery to go with their every day outfits. There are fantastic ranges available on the high street or online and you’ll be able to find great prices on items that are likely to see far more use than the mega-bucks fancy stuff anyway.  

This one may go over the head of many a male-shopper, but candles make a house seem far more homely to a lot of girls. If you can sneakily work out their favourite smell and get them a candle that will envelop their home in that fragrance then you’ll have given a great gift. There are many different kinds of candles but the test is in the smell - and don’t forget that the bigger ones will burn longer and provide better value for money. 

Another seemed stereotype that regularly rings true, whether it’s a pair of killer heels or some adorable flats for everyday use, your lady will appreciate nearly any pair of (nice) shoes. But unless you know your target audience very well, it may be best to keep the receipt handy! 

These are just some ideas of gifts for your special lady this Christmas, and are sure fire hits if you’re at a loss of what to get her. You can be sure that choosing one or two of these special presents will put a smile on your loved ones face this festive season. 

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