These days everybody wants to have 'the perfect body' and they'll do anything to get it, but what constitutes the “perfect body”? A recent study asked 1000 men and women to pick the celebrities they thought had the perfect face and body. The results, which can be viewed at, reveal what Britain's perception of beauty is. Surprisingly, the results show that our nation's perception of the perfect body hasn't changed in sixty years.  

According to the 1000 men and women that took part in the study, the perfect male body has David Beckham's shape, legs and bum, but Channing Tatum's abs. This body shape has been seen as the most desirable since the 1950s. Hollywood's leading men have always had big chests and shoulders, with slim hips and a narrow pelvis- think about Marlon Brando's in 'A Streetcar Named Desire', or Richard Burton in 'Anthony and Cleopatra'. 

There's a reason why women still find the same, V-shaped body type attractive. Men with this shape typically have higher levels of testosterone, therefore women are attracted to them because they know they'd make good mates.  

Just as women are attracted to men with bodies that indicate a high level of testosterone, men are attracted to women with features that indicate high levels of oestrogen. The study revealed that British public thinks Kim Kardashian has the perfect body shape and Beyonce was chosen as having the best bum, abs and legs. These women have exactly the same attributes as their 1950s counterparts, hourglass women like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe- tiny waists, full breasts and hips. 

When oestrogen is released during puberty, it means that fat starts to be deposited on the hips, thighs, breasts and buttocks. Men looking for a mate are attracted to women with a small waist in comparison to their large breasts and hips, because is a sign they have gone through puberty and are therefore fertile. Of course, personal taste and personalities play a major part in the rules of attraction, but this study shows that our idea of the perfect body is still dictated by our hormones!  

That explains why the perfect female body turns out to be Kim Kardashian's curvy hourglass figure, with BeyoncĂ©’s famous booty and killer abs thrown in. It's the reason why David Beckham and not someone more obviously muscular, was picked as having the perfect male body. 

Which celebrity body is perfect to you?

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