Girls’ nights out can come in all shapes and sizes, and something that’s long been popular in a tongue in cheek kind of way is a couple of hours down at the local bingo hall, playing a few rounds of the simplest game in the world (to play, though not to win) before going on to some bars and clubs later in the evening.  

If you’re not familiar with how to play bingo and want to get some practice in before you go to a bingo hall, you can always play a few games online. There are thousands of different bingo sites and all of them offer great welcome incentives for you to join their site rather than the next one. If you play online bingo with you can get a fantastic $32 for every $10 that you place in your initial deposit into your account – meaning that you more than triple your money before you even begin to play. 

If you’re lucky, you might end up leaving the bingo hall with more cash than you left home with, you never know! But, if you’ve never been to a bingo hall, you may be wondering what to wear. The great thing about most bingo halls is that there’s no dress code whatsoever, except perhaps those located in beach resorts where swimwear wouldn’t be considered appropriate attire! 

For the main part, though, anything goes. There’s no need for lots of moving around or standing in a bingo hall, so you don’t need to worry about whether your heels are too high – though that might be a consideration for later in the evening if you’re going on elsewhere. At the bingo hall, all you need to do is be able to sit comfortably and move your hands freely to daub the numbers on your cards as the bingo calls are made, so that probably won’t mean ruling out any particular items of clothing either.  

You’ll find other bingo players dress it down and dress it up – it all depends on who they are, where they’ve been beforehand and where they’re going afterwards. Some people go straight from work in their suits and ties, others are in jeans and sweaters. And those going on afterwards will be dressed for wherever they’re headed. 

The long and the short of it is that anything goes when choosing an outfit and don’t think anyone will really take notice of what you’re wearing. They’ll all be eyes down and concentrating on their bingo cards anyway! Of course, when you’re playing online at home, there is no dress code, apart from any that you might impose in your own home, but if you choose to sit there and play in your PJs and dressing gown, no-one’s going to be complaining! 

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