As a youngster I was brought up around sports, I went horse riding ever since I was three years old and I'd been going to watch football matches with my Dad from a similar age, so there's always been quite a big interest in the sports world for me. 
These days, I still check the football scores and have the odd cheeky bet on a horse or greyhound, but that about it when it comes to sport for me... apart from the Sports Personality Of The Year Awards. I love to see the winners, but even more so, I love to see the sporting women looking beautiful. 

I'm all for girl power, and I love to see strong, successful women doing well for themselves and it's so nice to see that these women who have become famous for a sport, can get dolled up and look beautiful too, it's so inspiring to not only people like me, but for young girls... they are the perfect role models.

The lady I admire the most is Jessica Ennis, who is a true inspiration and always manages to look amazing. I love the blue dress with black detailing that she chose for this years awards, it's so simple and easy to accessorise, and flatters her figure perfectly. Jessica looks her best all the time though, the red dress she wore last year was a winner for me too! 
The other star of the show for me this year was Rebecca Adlington. After her recent stay in the I'm A Celebrity jungle, I've become even more of a fan of Rebecca and since I saw her crying about not being beautiful, I just love her even more (she is beautiful too!) Rebecca's dress flattered her amazing tan and blue eyes probably better than she could have imagined and I love that she went with nude shoes rather than the typical black option... I can't wait to see her on more red carpets in the near future, she could be a style icon in the making. 

Which sports stars inspire you?
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