Today Elodie and her little friend Mila were treated to a shopping spree at Claire's in Middlesbrough, courtesy of the lovely ladies at Best British Bloggers. 

We braved the cold and headed out to town, armed with a few gift vouchers each. I remember Claire's from when I was a little girl, like a treasure trove of all things girly and it really hasn't changed... it's full from floor to ceiling with jewellery, hair accessories, makeup, bags and more - a girl's paradise!

I was going to keep the day a surprise for the girls, but we ended up telling them where we were going, in the car on the way there, and although Mila is younger than Elodie, she took note of Elodie's excitement and seemed like she was really looking forward to it too.

When we got to the shop I got each of the girls a basket and Elodie headed straight to the wall filled with hair accessories and jewellery from well known tv characters including Doc McStuffins, Hello Kitty and the Disney Princesses... she loved being able to choose whatever she wanted, rather than the usual one of two little things and started to top up her basket with little bracelets and hair clips. 
Mila seemed to love everything, especially the fluffy hairbands and MinnieMouse accessories.

The ladies in the shop were lovely, and didn't seem to mind us practically taking over the shop! I tried to film some bits, but it was a little bit manic, and I could hardly manage to get Elodie to stand still! I will be filming a little haul video with Elodie's help though, so I'll include the footage I did manage to get in the same video, which will hopefully be uploaded to my YouTube channel next week. 

Before we left the shop, I managed to get Elodie to make a few more practical purchases including a woolly hat, a new backpack for nursery and some cute sunglasses for next year, and we left with a big bag full of goodies for each of the girls. 

If you're looking for stocking fillers for any girls aged from 2-16, I definitely think Claire's is the place to be. You'll be spoilt for choice and everything is such good value, you won't have to worry about spending too much!
Thanks so much to Best British Bloggers and to Claire's for having us!
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