If you've put your oversized jumpers away in a drawer, thinking they're frumpy and out of date, bring them out again. The oversized jumper is making an appearance all over fashion blogs, and for good reason. As it turns out, there are many ways you can pair your oversized jumper with the hottest fashion trends of the season to create stunning outfits with a unique style. Take a look at the following style ideas.

With Printed Leggings 
If you have a monochromatic oversized jumper, pair it with patterned leggings in beautiful prints. Whether you pair a black oversized jumper with leopard print leggings, or a light pink oversized jumper with lace leggings, the choice is yours. But since it's so important for leggings to be worn with something long and loose on top, it's the perfect excuse to break out that oversized jumper and try it out. Add some heels for a fashionable look, or dress it down with a pair of Converse. If you can find some floral patterned leggings, you'll be able to pair oversized jumpers in many different colours with them, giving you many outfit possibilities. Pairing leggings and an oversized jumper with coloured pumps is also a great way to go.
With a Pencil Skirt 
Another beautiful combination can be made by pairing your oversized jumper with a pencil skirt. This can even look professional if done correctly. One style idea is to pair a monochromatic oversized jumper with a patterned pencil skirt and pumps. Alternatively, you can wear a striped oversized jumper with a solid colour skirt and heels. Another great way to combine your jumper with a pencil skirt is to wear your oversized Christmas jumper with a solid colour pencil skirt and pumps for the perfect holiday outfit. Of course, you're not aiming to win the ugly sweater party contest here, but if you've got a large ivory jumper, for instance, pairing it with a cranberry red pencil skirt and gold heels will make you the star of the show at the Christmas party.

With Boyfriend Jeans 
While you may not have dared don your oversized jumper with the preppy skinny jeans of last season, those days are long gone. Boyfriend jeans are all the rage, and their washed, worn out appearance is the perfect excuse to break out that oversized jumper. You'll be able to sport a casual look that's completely fashionable, especially if you pair the two with nude heels. Nude heels help elongate your figure, but they're not too loud.

With Bootcut Jeans 
If the look of the boyfriend jeans is too casual for you, you can always pair your oversized jumper with bootcut jeans and your favourite pumps. If you've got a black oversized jumper, for instance, try pairing it with bootcut jeans and aqua or red pumps. The pumps will give the outfit a splash of colour, and they polish the look so the jumper doesn't appear frumpy. Adding some chandelier earrings to the mix can help, as well, as they add grace and elegance to any outfit.

With a Mini Skirt 
If you go for this look, it's got to be done carefully. If you pair an oversized jumper with a mini skirt, make sure they are of similar material. For instance, a wool jumper with a flowing silk mini skirt may look awkward, and it will likely come across as though you've run out of clothing and grabbed the only two things you have that are clean. But if you make it look purposeful, you can do quite a lot with this look. For instance, a red oversized jumper with a black miniskirt, black or lace leggings, and boots is an edgy yet fashionable look you can make your own. The oversized jumper/mini skirt combination can be made as elegant or as edgy as you like, so have fun pairing items together.

Vintage Chic 
The oversized jumper is particularly useful if you're going for a vintage style. You can wear it with a pencil skirt, over a fitted dress, or with jeans, and add accessories to the outfit such as a faux pearl necklace, a polka dot clutch, or a pair of cameo earrings.
Balance it Out 
In general, you want to remember that whatever you choose to pair your oversized jumper with should be fitted. Where most people get into trouble is wearing their oversized jumper with their oversized jeans and sneakers. This is not a style you want to aim for. But if you wear an oversized jumper with a fitted pair of jeans, leggings, or a pencil skirt, you can create a balanced look that is fashion-forward.

 [Guest Post - Megan Barnes loves fashion. She enjoys helping women breathe new life into their wardrobes by writing on style blogs.]

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