With the New Year just around the corner (seriously, where has this year gone?!), I have started to think about New Years Resolutions and although cliche, the one thing that keeps springing to mind is that I want to get fit. For me, I'm not all about the weight loss, it's more about being healthy and then the rest should fall into place.

I've been thinking of ways that I can help myself to get fit... it's going to be hard to squeeze anything else into my routine really, but swimming seems like an option that will work. I'll be able to incorporate it in with family time and I'll still be enjoying myself. I haven't been swimming for years, but now that I'm set on the idea of taking it up again, I've started to think about the important things; what I'm going to wear!

My initial thought was, where am I going to be able to get some flattering womens swimwear... I'm not 100% body confident, and definitely won't be wearing a bikini to the pool to begin with (if ever). I have been doing some research, and asking around for brands that sell good quality swim suits, that are flattering and covering, yet still quite trendy and not too frumpy... which is when I cam across Zoggs.

The name rang a bell for me, and they're actually the brand that is stocked at my local swimming pool, along with the children's swimming accessories. Then when I started to look at the different costumes on the website, I was overwhelmed by how many I actually liked, and more importantly, would wear. Wether you're looking for v neck, halter neck or two piece, there's something for everyone, and even better, they come in all sorts of colours and designs.

Although I'd quite happily  own all of the costumes above and change my outfit every time I go swimming, I'm not going to justify that yet... I think I'm going to get the two piece (because I love the pretty design) and because it's nice to have a two piece that comes with a vest top rather than a bra top, and then I'll pick an all in one costume too.

Let me know in the comments, which you think I should get and let me know if you check out the great swimwear range from Zoggs!
[In association with Zoggs]
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