One of the many bonuses and benefits of blogging is the fact that so many opportunities come my way, things that I never imagined would happen to me... 2013 saw some really great things happen and many wonderful memories were made. Here are my blogging highlights of the year.
FABB Leeds
I can't actually believe that the first official FABB Event was held last year, it feels like so long ago! I'm so proud of FABB and the events that we have held so far... there are so many more to come too. Leeds was such a good day, we met some lovely bloggers, saw some familiar faces and worked with some great brands. It definitely left me very excited about holding more FABB events!
FABB Newcastle
A month after the Leeds event we brought FABB Events to the North East, our home turf, and we were so excited to do so. Bloggers from our area know how rare bloggers events are in the North, so we were really pleased to be doing something to change that. It was quite overwhelming to see how many bloggers there are in the North... so many more than I thought! 
In May I bit the bullet and uploaded my first ever YouTube video... something that I had been talking about and wanting to do for a very long time. I'm so pleased I did it, because even though I was a little apprehensive at first, I have completely enjoyed everything about YouTube. I love making videos and YouTube is definitely something I plan to continue with for the foreseeable future. If you haven't already subscribed to my channel, you can do so here
In July, I was asked by NCS to interview Jim Champan while he was visiting Newcastle... of course I jumped at the chance, as I've been a fan of Jim's videos for ages now, I was so pleased to be asked! I have to admit I was a little nervous, not to meet Jim, but to actually interview someone, but it actually ended up being such a fun day. I got to chat to him all about NCS and the work they do, as well as talking about YouTube and picking up some tips from him.
FABB Manchester
Three months later, FABB went bigger and better, and we held the biggest bloggers event ever to be held in the North; in Manchester. I think the Manchester event was when FABB truly came to life and I saw the event take shape and have it's own identity. This event definitely made it's mark, with the amount of bloggers who attended and the amazing brands who attended... this was one of the best days of my life - I loved it, and can't wait to bring FABB back to Manchester in 2014!
Appearing On The MSN Homepage
In August, I was shocked and surprised to find out that Poppy Dinsey had selected me as one of the best dressed members of WIWT to appear on the MSN website and homepage! This is the outfit which got me noticed. 
FABB Glasgow
In October we took FABB to Glasgow, to give the Scottish bloggers a treat, and this event was even bigger than the Manchester one! I'm so proud to see the events getting bigger and better every time. The Glasgow event had the same kind of set up as Manchester and again we worked with some really great fashion and beauty brands. If there is as much demand this year, we will definitely be back in Scotland for another event in 2014.

I'm so excited to see what opportunities come my way in 2014 - here's to another great year!

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