I know I'm a little late with this blog post, but I still wanted to show you the lovely bits I picked up in the Lush Boxing Day sale. If you've watched my Sales Haul video, you will have already seen these, so feel free to skip this post... If you haven't watched the video (please do!)

I think most people know that the Lush Boxing Day sale is one of the most exciting sales, as all of the limited edition Christmas stock gets marked down to half price. Of course I knew I was heading in there for a bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel, which is one of my all time favourites, it smells like bubble gum and sweets, and even has iridescent glitter in it - every girls dream product! I usually buy a few bottles of this, but I decided not to go wild, and just to buy one big bottle, which will hopefully last me quite a while.

I also bought a small Rose Jam shower gel which was one of the new scents for Christmas 2013. It smells predominately of roses with a hint of vanilla, and although I prefer Snow Fairy, it still smells delicious, and is definitely a nice change to alternate into my daily showers.

Rather than be totally selfish, I bought my Mam a couple of bath bombs too (I prefer showers to baths), although she did have to wait until I photographed them until she was allowed to use them #bloggerproblems!
The first I bought was the Luxury Lush Pud, which I had wanted ever since I smelled it at FABB Glasgow... it smells exactly the same as the Twilight Shower Gel which they unfortunately discontinued, it's a mixture of lavender and Ylang Ylang and smells incredible.
Then I went for the Cinders bath bomb which is much sweeter and even has popping candy in it for extra fun! It's main ingredients are orange and cinnamon, very Christmassy, but good enough to use all year round.

Did you get yourself any treats in the Lush sale?
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