Dress: Motel (direct link)
Leather Jacket: French Connection
Shoes: Topshop
Necklace: Matalan
Ring: Born Pretty (direct link)

Yesterday saw a glimpse of sunshine for the first time all year, so I made sure I took full advantage and shunned the parka in favour of a leather jacket and even got my legs out. Now I'm not saying I wasn't cold (I was very cold) but I did enjoy being able to change up my wardrobe even if it was just for one day. 

This dress is a real beauty, it's a great combo of casual and dressy, which gives so many options for styling up and down. It has quite a boho feel to it with the repetitive Mandala print which I decided to shadow with loose waves and a couple of random braids in my hair. Best of all, it's flattering... the round neck, the little sleeves and the straight up and down cut of the dress will suit anyone.

To keep the outfit simple I added a similar toned necklace, a wrist band and one chunky ring and then I stuck to black chunky shoes which complemented the leather jacket. 
The shoes were a bit of an impulse purchase, I picked them up firstly because they were such a bargain then I almost put them back because I thought they were ugly, but I do have a bit of a thing for clunky, ugly shoes and I'm so glad I actually bought them, I actually think I'll end up getting a tonne of wear out of them.
Now that the cold weather is back I'll be teaming the dress with tights and my fluffy pink coat, oh I do love a versatile dress!

If you're not so keen on the monochrome palette, the dress also comes in red which is stunning for the Summer months.
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