If you read my blog on a regular basis, you might have noticed that I've been loving jewellery lately. I go through stages where I wear (and buy...oops!) lots of jewellery, then I don't wear any for a while. At the moment I'm at the loving/coveting/wanting to spend all of my money on jewellery stage, which admittedly can be quite dangerous for my bank balance. Lucky for me, I was gifted this beautiful Pandora bracelet and charm from John Greed Jewellery, and it hasn't left my wrist since the day I opened it!

I gave this a mention in my Christmas gift guide for her video, but I wanted to blog about it too. Mainly because I wanted to show off it's beauty, but also because I think it would be a great idea for a Valentines present (just incase they're any boys reading my blog!) and it comes in the cutest of packaging, I love the box and the bow.

The Pandora Essence collection is a new concept from the brand, with a more delicate bracelet than the regular Pandora collection and a large selection of intricate, symbolic charms. The charms are what make this collection so special, and personal to the receiver or person wearing the bracelet... whatever your beliefs, or your relationship to the person you're buying for, there is a charm for you. From happiness to love, freedom to courage, the choice is pretty endless and each charm is beautiful.

I chose the Wellness Charm for my bracelet partly because of the message (my biggest wish is for good health for all of my loved ones and myself), but mainly because of the way it looks! It's made entirely from sterling silver and has a cut out design of the ancient Mandala pattern. It looks amazing on the bracelet on it's own and although it's really delicate and small, it still manages to make a statement. However I definitely plan on adding more charms to the bracelet soon, I've got my eye on the Happiness charm next!

If you're looking for something aimed specifically at Valentines, there is also a Pandora Valentines Collection available on the John Greed website. 
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