When you want to lose weight fast, you may be tempted to start a diet. But you can look and feel ten pounds lighter without having to follow the latest diet. Follow the secrets of smart fashionistas to create a wardrobe that will make you slim and have you turning heads in no time.

Fashionista Secret #1: Wear V-Necklines 
Shirts with a V-neck have a slimming effect. They create a leaner look for your top half and help to elongate your shape. Stay away from turtlenecks and shirts that have a high neckline. They have a tendency to make you look heavier.
Fashionista Secret #2: Avoid the Miniskirt 
Miniskirts look great on celebrities, but a lot of women have difficulty wearing them. Here's why: the hemline of a miniskirt falls across the chunkier part of your thigh causing you to look heavier than you are. Instead, try a straight skirt that reaches your knee. The hemline can fall just above or just below the knee, either one works great.

Fashionista Secret #3: Wear Dark Wash Jeans 
Dark colors have a slimming effect and it's no different when it comes to jeans. Dark wash jeans like the ones at navabi.co.uk work the best. Skinny jeans may be in style but if you want to look and feel ten pounds lighter, stay away from them. Bootcut and flare jeans are the best for making you look slimmer.
Fashionista Secret #4: Dress in One Color 
Since dark colors make you look slimmer, try dressing from head to toe in the same color. You can do this by wearing skirts and tops, black pants and a matching top, or any other outfit you can put together. Don't forget to add accessories and shoes of the same color.

Fashionista Secret #5: Avoid Horizontal Stripes 
Horizontal stripes rarely look good on anyone and if you're aiming to look slimmer, you'll want to stay away from them. You can go with vertical stripes, which have a slimming effect. If you don't want stripes, try a top that has vertical lines as a design that run from the neck to the bust area.
Fashionista Secret #6: Wear Heels 
When you wear heels, you add height to your frame and this instantly slims you. When you're taller, you look thinner. Stick with heels that are two to four inches tall, and stay away from ones that are higher than four inches. These can make you look disproportionate and off-balance.

Fashionista Secret #7: Wear Clothing that Fits Well 
If you're on the bigger side, you may want to hide it with baggy clothes. Unfortunately, baggy clothes will only make you look heavier than they really are. Likewise, stay away from clothes that are too tight because this makes you look bigger, too. Instead, opt to wear clothes that fit well and you'll look like you've dropped ten pounds.
Fashionista Secret #8: Avoid Long or Thick Jackets 
When you wear bulky and thick jackets, you'll automatically look heavier. Also steer clear of long coats because they'll make you look shorter. Instead, try wearing a fitted jacket or blazer. Button down ones work the best because they have a slimming effect for your stomach. Don't go overboard with detailing, a simple blazer with pockets and princess seams will work wonders.

The wrong clothing choices can make you look heavy and frumpy. But the right clothing choices can make you look tall and slim. Plus, you'll feel confident knowing that you look fantastic.

Liz Smith loves women's fashion. She enjoys helping others find flattering styles that make them look and feel beautiful.
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