There is a bit of a misconception that in order to be stylish you must wear uncomfortable fabrics, tight fitting styles and shoes that make your feet bleed. Whilst some catwalk models have to put up with wire frames in dresses, heels that resemble torture implements and fabrics that are about as soft as tinfoil, this simply isn’t the case for those not trotting down a runway under heat lamps. Fashion is supposed to be accessible, and therefore, by the time these styles hit the high street they should’ve been altered to a point where they are easily wearable for everyday. If they’re not, pop them back on the rail – life’s too short to torture yourself in the name of fashion! Here are some of the big trends of 2014, which are totally comfort friendly.

Boyfriend fit jeans, oversized tees and long cardies have been in fashion for a few years running now and this trend hasn’t come to an end yet. Gone are the days of spray on dresses and tops - the looser the better when it comes to this style. There have been a few additions this year, notably, wide leg light fabric trousers which bring the look in-line with the approaching warmer weather.

“Trainers with everything” seems to be the message on the catwalks this year. Whether it’s a dress, a skirt, jeans or a 90s inspired outfit to match the trend of the minute, you can’t go wrong with a nice comfy pair of lace-ups, or even Velcro if you prefer. For a bit of extra comfort, visit as FitFlop has some great canvas trainers engineered especially to be extra wearable. Finally, a footwear fashion that is as comfortable as it is stylish!

Whether it’s a big thick-knit number in the winter months, or a thinner throw over in the spring and summer, jumpers are an important part of everyone’s wardrobe. There’s something comfy about the word jumper, and this is only matched by the feeling of snuggling up in a nice wooly one. Size up for extra comfort and so you can layer up when it’s chilly, and go for materials that don’t scratch or irritate your skin - especially important if you are considering real wool.

Dressing for comfort and for style isn’t difficult when there are great fashions like these in vogue at the moment. Don’t feel you have to be uncomfortable to look great, as actually, the better you feel, the better you’ll show confidence and carry yourself. 

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