Another brow product for me to rave about... another Benefit product for me to fall in love with... happy days!

The latest offering from the Benebabes is Gimmie Brow, a brow-volumising fibre gel, which, to put it simply is the perfect brows in one simple product. If you have been reading my blog for a week or a year you will probably know that I am a little bit obsessed with big, bold brows, yet I still like them to look natural. Gimmie Brow makes this look super easy and quick to achieve.

The tinted gel (which comes in a light/medium or medium/dark shade) is applied to the brows using a tiny bristle brush. The gel doesn't simply fill in your brows, it gives each and every hair definition meaning that not only can you shape your brows using this, but you can also add volume, making your brows appear fuller and thicker to the desired effect.
The gel is really buildable too, so you can achieve anything from a subtle brow to a full bold brow... I prefer the latter, but this would really work for anyone.

I have been using this alone and with my usual brow routine of using a powder to fill in my brows, the pictures above show my brows first with no product at all and secondly with Gimmie Brow in medium/dark.
I must also apologise for the fact that my brows are in an oh-so desperate need of a wax, I have an appointment booked for next week, I promise!

If you're needing a wax, why don't you pop down to your local Debenhams and take part in Brow Arch March. The Benefit Brow Bars are offering a wax in return for a suggested £5 donation to the Look Good Feel Better women's cancer charity... help a great cause and get your brows did! Sounds like a good deal to me. 
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