Going out with the girls is something we tend to do in the evening – whether it’s going out to dinner, going clubbing or heading off to the theatre. But there are lots of great events during the spring and summer where you can mix a day out with dressing up in daylight hours. 

Horse race meetings are just one example, and if you want to concentrate on what you’re wearing more than anything else, then pick a ladies’ day at one of the big racing festivals – like Cheltenham, Aintree or Royal Ascot. Of course, there are non-horsey events like Wimbledon, Cowes and Henley Regatta, but you won’t get away with wearing such outrageous hats at those events! At a ladies’ day at the races, however, the more flamboyant you are, the better. 

There was the Aintree Festival last week and culminating with the Grand National steeple chase which was on Saturday. Friday was Ladies’ Day, and of all the different big racing festival ladies’ days, this one probably has the most relaxed dress code. Basically, anything goes, whereas you might have to tone things down a little for ladies’ day at Royal Ascot. 

Of course, the day won’t just be about your outfit though, you can have plenty of fun watching the racing, and having a flutter on the races. If you don’t know much about racing or betting, you could just pick the horse’s name you like best, or follow the odds on Betfair or similar to back the favourite. Betfair is the world’s biggest betting exchange, where people place bets against each other (just as you might in the pub); all Betfair does is hold the money until it’s time for the winner of each bet to claim it.  

As well as the racing, betting and the fashion fun, there’s always plenty of great hospitality at the races, with a variety of places to eat and drink. A day out at the races can be a great way to meet up with your favourite group of friends.

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