T-Shirt: River Island
Bag: Bank

A (what feels) rare day off work equals a super comfy outfit, plus the sun is out for bank holiday so I felt like I had to make the effort and go out. A quick trip to the seaside for an ice cream with the family and a wander along the pier was the perfect way to spend this afternoon.

I'm not much of a jeans girl, but I have to admit on the few occasions where I do wear them and dress them down with trainers and a tee, I find myself wondering why I don't so it more often! These Puma Suedes are just so comfy, and surprisingly stylish... I'll be wearing them with my shorts and maxi skirts though out the Summer months as well as with my rolled up skinnies. I was considering getting myself a pair of converse, but dare I say it, are they a little bit common now? I do like them, but it seems as though everyone has a pair... at least these are a little bit different!
Its actually nice to wear something that allows me to act like a child with Elodie once in a while, there's only so much running around I can manage in dresses, tights and boots!

I'm quite a fan of this t-shirt too, I picked it up randomly from the River Island sale... don't ask me why, I'm not a massive cat lover (definitely prefer dogs) and casual tees aren't really my thing, but I am glad I got it. I love the little details of the rolled up sleeves, and the angry cat faces are actually quite cute?!

I hope you've all had a lovely Good Friday and enjoy your easter weekends. I will mostly be eating chocolate and helping my boyfriend prepare to move to Essex for his new job (sad times!)
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