Mega Bounce Sleep In Rollers

Who would have thought that some spongey rollers colour give such body to my long, heavy locks... well they can!
I've never used rollers before, partly because I didn't think they would really work for me, and partly because I thought I could achieve the same sort of look by using a bit of hair spray and backcombing the heck out of my roots (how wrong was I?!)

I have been using the Mega Bounce Rollers which come in the Blow & Go gift set, designed to give extra root lift and volume. Luckily they come with a list of step by step instructions on how to use the rollers for best effect and I have to admit, I didn't have a clue how to put these in my hair properly so the instructions came in really handy and it turned out they were really easy to use for a beginner roller like me!

I put the rollers into towel dried hair and although they stayed in place fairly well with just the velcro, I secure them with a few pins just to keep it all in place, then before bed I give my hair a blast with my hairdryer. The best thing about these rollers is that they're designed to be slept in, which I was a little dubious about at first, but they're actually pretty easy to get used to as they just squash down when you lie on them.
The next morning when I remove the rollers, I'm left with loads of volume and great waves in my hair. It's so nice to wake up and not have to spend ages styling my hair... whip the rollers out, give my hair a little bit of a tweak and I'm good to go!

The Blow & Go Kit comes with 20 Sleep In Rollers, a blow dry hood and kirby grips all in a draw string bag, you can also buy the rollers separately.

How do you achieve big hair?
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