You will likely spend more time at work in your life than at home, but yet the effort and money spent on clothes for casualwear often massively outweighs that which you spend on your working wardrobe. These are clothes you will wear for a large portion of your day, every day, five or more days a week, so why not invest a little in making sure you project the best image possible? Casualwear is almost certainly more fun to choose and experiment with, but you can look fab at work with just a few key pieces in your repertoire. Here is how to build a capsule wardrobe for the daily grind. 

More and more workplaces are accepting a more laid back approach to dress code, and a smart pair of jeans are acceptable if you are not in a customer facing role. Black is an ideal choice as, with a nice blouse, black jeans can look just as smart as ordinary black trousers. Blue jeans are also sometimes acceptable, providing they have no rips or tears, are in a dark denim and are not faded or scruffy. With a smart pair of shoes and some well thought out accessories, jeans could be central to your work wear arsenal – and you’ll get plenty of casual wear out of them too! 

Skirts and dresses are the best way to make your work attire stylish and professional, yet girly at the same time. A good fitting skirt teamed with a shirt or smart top won’t look out of place at any meeting, and still allows you the freedom to express yourself in a way that a trouser suit doesn’t allow. There are some great skirts available to suit all shapes and sizes, and you can even go for print rather than plain if you want to show off your personality a little. Wear heels if you are going for a power dressing look, or flats for more comfort on less important days.  

A suit jacket is a must in any work wardrobe. Whether you need to use it frequently for client meetings, or just keep it in the wings in case you have an interview or other important meeting, there will be an occasion when you’ll need it. Make sure you get one that is nicely tailored with sleeves of the right length and in a neutral colour that goes with everything. You can wear it with a skirt or trousers, whichever you feel more comfortable in, and either with a blouse for ultra-professionalism or a less formal top if you need to be more casual.  

These few items can easily be adapted with accessories, shoes and make-up to give the appropriate look for any situation. Unlike fashion pieces these items shouldn’t be seasonal, and need to be good quality in order to withstand daily wear. Think of clothes in terms of cost per wear, and spend out as much as you think appropriate for something you will step out in day in and day out. Express yourself with a printed top or colourful shirt to let your personality shine through an otherwise corporate appearance. Most importantly wear what you feel good in and your everyday mood will improve too. 

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