I love giving presents but I really stress and worry over what to buy for people, wether it's for a birthday, Christmas or something else I think it's easy to get stuck for ideas. I love giving presents that really surprise people... it feels so great to give something completely different that they would never expect to receive. If you like this kind of thing, this post might interest you, I think this is a great idea for a best friend or sibling... You might even just want to treat yourself!
Movies are an intrinsic part of our culture and social experience – going to the cinema is usually the first place kids are allowed to go to unsupervised, and movie posters help commemorate good times we’ve had with friends, as well as contributing to our cultural identity. Posters often capture iconic scenes from a film, or the main character/s, meaning that they sum up the works of art that we use to define ourselves and the world around us. We use film to help form our opinions, political awareness and stance, and sense of humour.  At some point, most of us wonder what it would be like to be famous, to be the desired person staring out from a glossy poster on someone’s wall.

Well, famous or not, you can now be that person (although you may have to be content with being displayed on your own wall) as you can now print full sized, commercial quality movie posters with InstantprintPeople have been photo-shopping the Friends poster for years, but the best you can hope for is a photo quality print out. Instantprint movie posters are the real deal – full sized, glossy posters that are the same as the ones you can buy in HMV. These posters aren’t just for your bedroom wall, you can have them made as a momento of a hen-night or event, or even to promote your new business. If your business runs events, why not try designing a company movie poster, so that potential clients or associates can see what you and your people are all about?
The great thing about Instantprint is that you can place your order at any time of day or night, and the turnaround time is really fast – as little as one working day. Instantprint movie posters are printed on A0 size paper, and you have a choice between silk paper and a special PVC material which means that you can display your poster outside without risk of it being damaged. Make sure that you read the guidelines, so that you submit the right kind of picture file, as once you’ve hit the order button, there’s no going back. The best file types are JPEG or PDF, but others are accepted. The really good news is that these posters cost just £12, so you won’t need Hollywood style funding to get one.  

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